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I work across the aisle to make life better for Ohio families. I have worked on the following legislation:


Primary Sponsored Bills: ​

Cosponsored Bills: 

  • H. B. No. 19 Designate Ohio World Hijab Day

  • H. B. No. 22 Regards stroke care data; recognize stroke centers

  • H. B. No. 23 Enact FY 2024-2025 transportation budget

  • H. B. No. 25 Create Ohio Asian-American and Pacific Islander Affairs Comm

  • H. B. No. 28 Designate Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • H. B. No. 30 Require correctional facilities supply feminine hygiene products

  • H. B. No. 33 Establishes operating appropriations for fiscal years 2024-2025

  • H. B. No. 34 Excuse breast-feeding mothers from jury service

  • H. B. No. 35 Eliminate limitations period for certain sexual abuse claims

  • H. B. No. 36 Enact Paige's Law regarding medical identifying devices

  • H. B. No. 38 Allow school districts to permit students 3 mental health days

  • H. B. No. 39 Make the earned income tax credit partially refundable

  • S. B. No. 43 Modify homestead exemption-surviving spouse of a disabled veteran

  • H. B. No. 50 Create mechanism to allow relief-collateral sanction for housing

  • H. B. No. 52 Reverse H.B. 509/134th GA changes to EMS training, continuing ed

  • H. B. No. 60 Increase amount of and expand the homestead exemption

  • H. B. No. 61 Designate James A. Garfield Day

  • H. B. No. 96 Increase the state minimum wage

  • H. B. No. 106 Enact the Pay Stub Protection Act

  • H. B. No. 112 Enact the Ohio Anti-Corruption Act

  • H. B. No. 114 Allow candidate pay certain child care costs with campaign funds

  • H. B. No. 115 Enact Ohio Equal Pay Act

  • H. B. No. 120 Repeal H.B. 6 of the 133rd General Assembly

  • H. B. No. 122 Expand intimidation offenses to include guardians ad litem

  • H. B. No. 124 Eliminate period of limitation - rape prosecution or civil action

  • H. B. No. 140 Revise the law governing passing a school bus

  • H. B. No. 143 Enact the Ohio Safe Homes Act

  • H. B. No. 152 Enact Madeline's Law regarding hearing aid coverage

  • H. B. No. 164 Establish Foster-to-College Scholarship Program

  • H. B. No. 167 Modify chief of police and certain advanced officer training

  • H. B. No. 170 Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order Act

  • H. B. No. 175 Enact the Keep Every Home Safe Act

  • H. B. No. 186 Exempt sales of firearm safety devices from sales and use tax

  • H. B. No. 195 Create an adaptive mobility dealer license

  • H. B. No. 217 Require trigger locks be attached, provided with firearms sales

  • H. B. No. 220 Prohibit certain conversion therapy for minors

  • H. B. No. 250 Revise the Military Enlistment diploma seal

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