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I ran to work on legislation and funding that impacts children, families, and workers.


My top priorities are to create a future with:

  • Educated children who are equipped with skills to become productive community members. I will:

    • Advocate for early childhood education​

    • Address unconstitutional funding of public education

    • Advocate for less emphasis on standardized testing and more focus on child growth and learning

    • Assure schools teach honest and complete history

    • Assure schools teach critical thinking and diverse perspectives

    • Support teachers as the experts in education curriculum and practices

    • Oppose bans and censorship in public classrooms

  • Healthy communities that provide an environment for all community members to thrive. I will:

    • Advocate for mental health resources to address ongoing and heightened mental health issues​

    • Support nurses to assure safe staffing of hospitals and adequate healthcare resources

    • Oppose obstacles to access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion access and contraception access

    • Recognize the strength in diversity and support community members and families from diverse backgrounds with dignity and respect

    • Support equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability status, or gender identity

    • Support a livable minimum wage

    • Advocate to transition the state away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and preserving green spaces

    • Advocate for trauma-informed lens applied in education, social services, law enforcement, and healthcare

    • Advocate for duty to notify of carry and concealed weapons to protect law enforcement

    • Promote common sense gun laws to allow reasonable and safe gun ownership

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