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Thank you for donating to my campaign and supporting my vision for Ohio! There are two ways you can donate:

Donate by Check

Make checks payable to:

Friends of Rachel Baker

Mailing Address:

Rachel Baker

7807 Asbury Hills Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45255

Please include the following information (this information is required for all campaign donations):

  • Your full name

  • Street address

  • Your occupation 

  • Your employer

Individuals and compliant organizations are limited to $13,704.41 maximum contribution per election cycle. 

Political Contribution Tax Credit
Ohio allows a nonrefundable tax credit for monetary contributions to campaign committees of several statewide candidates - including member of general assembly! 

The amount of the tax credit that can be claimed is equal to the total combined contributions you made to eligible candidate committees during the year up to $50 (individual returns) or $100 (joint returns)

Click here for more information.

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