Endorsed by Local Leaders


Brigid Kelly

State Representative

“I am Ohio State Representative Brigid Kelly, and I am proud to endorse Rachel Baker for State Representative in District 27. Rachel is who we need to fight extremism and build a better Ohio for everyone. Her commitment to access to healthcare, her dedication to women and children, and her tireless advocacy are what we need in the State House. 


Rachel will flip District 27 blue and fight for us in Columbus every day”

Meeka Owens


“I proudly endorse Rachel Baker for Ohio Statehouse District 27. There is nothing more important than community, and standing with one another. Like Rachel, I believe it takes a village to help empower our communities, and I know she will represent District 27 well at the statehouse.” 


Denise Driehaus

County Commissioner

“I am County Commissioner Denise Driehaus and I am proud to back Rachel Baker in the 27th district State Representative primary! As the former State representative, and a current County Commissioner, I understand how important it is to know and represent your community. That’s why I support Rachel in her race for the Statehouse. I have seen her continued commitment and service to her community over the years.


I know that Rachel will continue to serve our community in Hamilton County while doing what’s best for all of us in Columbus!"

Pavan Parikh

Clerk of Courts

"I am proud to endorse Rachel Baker for State Representative. As a District 27 parent and the former top democratic lawyer at the Ohio Senate, I know what it takes to fight for our families in Columbus. Rachel is a supremely qualified and dedicated community advocate who will fight for our values every day."


Jessica Miranda

State Representative

“I am State Representative Jessica Miranda, and I’m proud to endorse my friend, Rachel Baker, for State Representative in District 27. In 2018 I flipped the 28th district from a red seat to a blue seat by 56 votes, so I know what it takes to flip a district. As a single mom, a nurse, and an advocate for those without a voice, Rachel has more than what it takes to flip the 27th district blue in 2022. Women get it done. 


From one mom to another, I am happy to support my friend, Rachel Baker!”

Charmaine McGuffey

Hamilton County Sheriff

“I proudly support Rachel Baker for State Representative. Rachel understands the importance of safe communities and she will work hard every day on behalf of the families she serves. We need more leaders like Rachel in Columbus, leaders who listen and who are willing to fight for their community. Rachel is the person to do that.

Sheriff McGuffey 1_edited.jpg

Christine Fisher

Former Democratic Candidate for District 27

“As a Mt. Lookout community member and former candidate for the 27th district, I am proud to endorse my friend Rachel Baker. Rachel knows what it means to care about your community at all times and has dedicated her career to helping children & families. With her deep roots and connections within the district, she is the candidate who can flip this seat in November.

Jaime Castle

Former Democratic Candidate for OH-2

“I'm excited to endorse Rachel Baker for State Representative! Rachel and I see eye-to-eye on wanting to make Cincinnati an area of excellence where working families are able to be successful and live a good life. We need a leader who puts people first - I have no doubt that Rachel will do this! Rachel truly cares about her community and will be an amazing advocate in the Statehouse.

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Mike Moroski

CPS School Board Member

“I 100% endorse Rachel Baker for State Representative in HD27. She is a true advocate for children and a strong supporter of public education. She understands that if education is administered justly, it is one of our greatest tools to afford EVERYONE the same opportunities in life.

Endorsed by Pro-Women, Pro-Science, and Pro-Ohio Organizations


I am proud to be endorsed by the Cincinnati Women’s political caucus. Let’s fight together for women across Ohio!


I am honored to be endorsed by Matriots! They say “When women lead, Ohio prospers” and I couldn’t agree more. Especially right now, when women’s rights are under attack, I’m honored to be recognized as a candidate they’re backing!


This endorsement is personal after working so hard to explain the science behind the Covid-19 vaccines. I conducted research to increase vaccine uptake, developed education, and acted as an expert for the media - It’s time we elect more practicing scientists to the state house!


I am proud to be awarded the 2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. As gun wounds have become the leading cause of death in children, it is time for the policy and changes our children and Ohioans deserve. This is truly a public health crisis. 

Screenshot 2022-07-31 8.34.25 PM - Display 2.png

I support access to abortion and strongly oppose government overreach into healthcare decisions. I believe the best people to make healthcare decisions are the patient and their provider. I am proud to receive an endorsement from Pro-Choice Ohio!

Screenshot 2022-07-31 8.32.59 PM - Display 2.png

The Welcome PAC recognizes a need for Democratic candidates who reach across to mainstream Americans, not just those who pass all the purity tests. They are working to bring sanity back to government. I'm proud to be selected as their Ohio HD27 candidate who they believe can bring people together and has the best chance to flip this seat in November!

Screenshot 2022-07-31 8.30_edited.jpg

EMILY's List has been instrumental in providing consultation throughout my campaign and I'm honored to have officially received their endorsement! 


I’m completely honored to announce my endorsement by SnowPAC! They are focused on supporting the next generation of women elected officials - I’m in!!